eCommerce integration with MERCATECH (r)

Mercatech is a "cloud" service, certified by MercadoLibre (the most important marketplace in Latin America), which works continuously to integrate its administrative control and inventory (ERP) systems with its publications in the marketplace automatically. Through advanced programming techniques, Mercatech updates your inventories in seconds regardless of volumes or communication interruptions, guaranteeing data consistency at all times.

Please see us at www.mercatech.net

Instagram: @mercatech

Service of Technology and Methodologies in Call Centers

In the consultancy focused on call center technology, we work as guarantors of tools, servers, centrals, routers, platform and brands that meet the needs of your project giving guidance and analysis necessary to carry out its use successfully.

Design and implementation of IVR tree

Design and implementation of the customer service model

Development of Communications Platforms 2.0

Development of WEB and Mobile Phone Tools that allow the monitoring of the service